YEPP/Microsoft AI + Cybersecurity Workshop

As we approach a historic moment in global elections, political campaigns in Europe face a rapidly shifting technology landscape. Tech companies, civil society and political leaders all have a critical role to play in combating the threats to our democratic elections including the rise in deceptive AI, deepfakes, and cybersecurity attacks on campaigns. At the same time, the latest technological advances in AI present great potential to empower campaigns with time-saving innovation. As political campaigns adapt to this new era of technology, we need to continue to reinforce the development of responsible technologies in a way that helps safeguard our critical institutions, protect candidates and voters.

The Navigating Campaigns in the Era of AI workshop aims to arm political leaders with a deeper understanding of how campaigns can leverage AI safely and best practices to safeguard their organization from cyber threats. This includes education on the basics of generative AI, political use cases, hands-on learning, safety considerations for AI (from data to combating deepfakes), overview of the threat landscape and cybersecurity fundamentals.

Below please find the outline for the two-hour campaign workshop:

  • YEPP


Mar 21 2024


15:00 - 17:00


European Parliament


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